Tuesday September 16, 2014


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Why did the chicken cross the road?

I've driven different highways in different terrain, from the mountains of British Columbia to the flatlands of the prairies. In my travels, I have had deer, bears, foxes, cougars, skunks, racoons, snakes, birds and the occasional dog and cat...


Great teachers inspire

For the most part, my boys have had magnificent teachers. Teachers don't get near the credit they...

Readers rant

I spend a lot of time out in the public. Whether it be at the grocery store or the gas station, I...

No back to school blues here

In spite a few minor setbacks, I am always happy when the kids go back in school. Free at last!...

Music - Phonograph to phone

Standing among piles of music CDs, I marvel at the evolution of music and the players that bring...

Let them be free

Many of my friends headed to Sturgis last week to spend time at the bike rally. They enjoy the...

May he rest in pieces

Dying a tragic death is the only way to describe being sprayed with an entire can of Raid Spider...

Value women

It is what it is

50 Shades of Red

Made in Canada

This nose knows all about the fair

Just be happy

"Who wants a pop can park?"

Unplugged and connected

What really happens?

Letting mom out of her box

And it continues...

Waiting for trains

Where did all the volunteers go?

Unarmed and muddy

One ringy dingy

What's mine is mine

Keep your stick on the ice

You don't have to do anything

The Valentine's Day exclusion

Letting go!

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