Wednesday July 23, 2014


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It was ... simply put ... the worst-case scenario. Heading into a Week 4 bye and facing the prospect of two full weeks between games, the Saskatchewan Roughriders suffered a second consecutive double digit loss on Saturday, falling 26-13 to the...


Mid-July analysis and panic

Whether by necessity or desire, many people set out to accomplish something over the summer months, ...

So let the sunshine in

A toe-tapping ditty was popular a few years back: "So let the sunshine in, face it with a grin....

Rider Insider

When you sift through the coach-speak and clichés after a game like the Saskatchewan Roughriders'...

What is happening?

How many times have you heard or asked this question this year, "What is going on?" It seems that...

We’re praying for you

It's hard to find a funny or even light-hearted topic for this week's offering. I can think of some ...

Rider Insider

Sunday is a day the Rider Nation won't soon forget. Amidst one of the worst summer storms in...

What were you made for?

Watch out for deceivers

Rider Insider

Imitators of God

Mayor’s Musings

What song shall I sing?

Rider Insider

Can it and keep it

Rider Insider


The power of dirt

Rider Insider

There is diversity in unity

When the family gets together

Is it summer yet?

It’s now an even smaller world

Overcoming 20x

His eye is on the geese

A women of surprising purpose

Mayor’s Musings

April showers, May flowers

Learning to say it better

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