Thursday November 20, 2014


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We need more snow!

Now I know what you are thinking and if it's anything like what ran through my head when I first heard this…it's not even rated PG13. Best to keep those sorts of thoughts in your head, especially around young children. All I can say is that the old


Rider Insider

And now the moment you've all been waiting for.After a gruelling 20-week regular season from which...

Watch, Lest We Forget

This past week held Remembrance Day, and services were held all over the country. For days and...

Be careful how you choose

Ah, elections. Our American friends and neighbours recently elected politicians to fill hundreds of ...

Rider Insider

Many people are surprised at the positive nature of the comments and the upbeat feeling the...


Letter to the Editor

Hats off to the Weyburn Police Service for laying charges, and, of course, the two angels that...

Readers voice concern for dog

To the editor:Well hello there guys, I hope all is well. I feel that you guys do a great job with...

Letter to the editor: Immigrants take Canadian jobs

"Immigrants take Canadians jobs" is a fear-inducing, catchy slogan developed by special interests...

Letter to the Editor

Cognitive dissonance? One meaning is, to ignore or deny any information that conflict with existing ...


The Pinterest pumpkin

Pleased to meet YOU!!

And the meaning is...

“In MY day...”

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Put the elderly in prison

Fashion faux pas

Why did the chicken cross the road?

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