Thursday August 28, 2014


  • Should the drinking age be increased to 21 or decreased to 18?
  • 18
  • 7%
  • 21
  • 36%
  • Leave-the-same
  • 57%
  • Total Votes: 14


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No back to school blues here

In spite a few minor setbacks, I am always happy when the kids go back in school. Free at last! After the summer started out as a lazy, carefree, holiday filled with activities for my kids like swimming, hanging out with their friends, two...


Rider Insider

The Grey Cup hangover is officially over. However does the honeymoon have to end as well?The Rider...

Living in the Moment

When you think about the word pleasure, what comes to mind? For some people perhaps your mind goes ...

All around itís changing

Sometimes the things we take most for granted are nothing short of awe-inspiring. Like flying, for...

Rider Insider

Games like Thursday's Saskatchewan Roughrider 23-17 victory at Winnipeg are what make sports so...


Readers voice concern for dog

To the editor:Well hello there guys, I hope all is well. I feel that you guys do a great job with...

Letter to the editor: Immigrants take Canadian jobs

"Immigrants take Canadians jobs" is a fear-inducing, catchy slogan developed by special interests...

Letter to the Editor

Cognitive dissonance? One meaning is, to ignore or deny any information that conflict with existing ...

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,"We, with the grace of God, through Prayer, Education and Political action, work for...


Music - Phonograph to phone

Let them be free

May he rest in pieces

Value women

It is what it is

50 Shades of Red

Made in Canada

This nose knows all about the fair

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