Saturday November 01, 2014


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The Pinterest pumpkin

Halloween is here and with it comes everything that goes into preparing for it. Decorations to be put up, costumes to be made, candy to be bought and don't forget the classic activity, carving the pumpkin. As a kid I loved Halloween. What's not to...


Pleased to meet YOU!!

YOU....yes I mean you. I am pleased to meet you. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Helen...

And the meaning is...

Controversy: disagreement, typically when prolonged, public, and heated. "he sometimes caused...

“In MY day...”

I had a reader forward this to me. Enjoy! Someone asked the other day, "What was your favorite...

Interesting articles

I had some readers send me a couple of interesting articles that I thought I would pass along....

Put the elderly in prison

Wait….wait. Read on. A friend of mine sent the below to me and it really brought back some personal ...

Fashion faux pas

Whatever happened to the days when jeans were called jeans and thongs were sandals that you wore on ...

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Great teachers inspire

Readers rant

No back to school blues here

Music - Phonograph to phone

Let them be free

May he rest in pieces

Value women

It is what it is

50 Shades of Red

Made in Canada

This nose knows all about the fair

Just be happy

"Who wants a pop can park?"

Unplugged and connected

What really happens?

Letting mom out of her box

And it continues...

Waiting for trains

Where did all the volunteers go?

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