Monday September 01, 2014


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Readers voice concern for dog

To the editor: Well hello there guys, I hope all is well. I feel that you guys do a great job with your paper, keep up the great work. As I read the disgusting story of abuse in regards to the dog "Arctic," I was relieved when I found out...


Letter to the editor: Immigrants take Canadian jobs

"Immigrants take Canadians jobs" is a fear-inducing, catchy slogan developed by special interests...

Letter to the Editor

Cognitive dissonance? One meaning is, to ignore or deny any information that conflict with existing ...

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor, "We, with the grace of God, through Prayer, Education and Political action, work...

OPINION-EDITORIAL Immigrants are welcome and very much needed in Saskatchewan communities

For over a century, Saskatchewan has welcomed newcomers as productive members of society, as...

Letter to the Editor

Dear editor, Families have long been asking for this government to twin the busy and...

Letter to the editor

Premier Wall has recently been "floating a trial balloon" about raising the education portion of...

Hats off to Weyburn Concert Series

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

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