Wednesday September 17, 2014


  • With kids back in school, should the students be allowed to grade their teachers?
  • Yes
  • 56%
  • No
  • 44%
  • Total Votes: 9


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Rider Insider

I wasn't in the Rider locker room after Sunday's 30-24 win Winnipeg, but I heard about it. Our CKRM Rider Radio analyst Carm Carteri does the post-game interviews live on air from the Rider locker room each road game and unlike after the Riders'...


Just read the instructions

Last weekend focused on two great joys for me. The first was to sit in the new Winnipeg stadium and ...

Itís all about the numbers

Not only are we a society that counts on technology to turn our lights on and off, ensure that the...

September! Already!?

Funny how, this simple statement will provoke different reactions. Depending on our age and...

Crafted by the Masterís hand

I'm always amazed at how a pile of lumber becomes a monument of usefulness and sometimes, outright...

Rider Insider

Another week, another win. The Winnipeg Blue Bombers made the Saskatchewan Roughriders work for...

Rider Insider

That was amazing! I thought we'd hit the peak of intensity when the Roughriders walked into...

Godís Diary

Mayorís Musings

Be on the winning team

Rider Insider

Living in the Moment

All around itís changing

Rider Insider

I will give you rest

Making it happen

Rider Insider

Who is this Jesus?

Sorting it all out

Rider Insider

A lesson from a play


It was just one thing

Rider Insider

Rider Insider

Mid-July analysis and panic

So let the sunshine in

Rider Insider

What is happening?

Weíre praying for you

Rider Insider

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