Tuesday September 30, 2014


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No one is complaining today. Sunday's 35-32 double-overtime win for the Saskatchewan Roughriders over the Ottawa RedBlacks at Mosaic Stadium had it all. A sellout crowd? Check. Amazing fall weather? Check. A lot of points? Check. A...


Is there any Hope?

Matthew 25:31-46 relates Jesus describing the judgement scene. He points out that a shepherd would...

Making things better

I'm one of those folks who honestly doesn't mind filling out most surveys. Case in point: this...

Rider Insider

One of the beautiful things about football is, with only playing one game per week, the...

My neighbour has Ebola

Yes, it would probably be a good idea to read this article. It is true, my neighbour has ebola....

Donít forget

I read about a couple who'd eaten lunch at a roadside diner. After they'd left and travelled a fair ...

Rider Insider

I wasn't in the Rider locker room after Sunday's 30-24 win Winnipeg, but I heard about it. Our...

Just read the instructions

Itís all about the numbers

September! Already!?

Crafted by the Masterís hand

Rider Insider

Rider Insider

Godís Diary

Mayorís Musings

Be on the winning team

Rider Insider

Living in the Moment

All around itís changing

Rider Insider

I will give you rest

Making it happen

Rider Insider

Who is this Jesus?

Sorting it all out

Rider Insider

A lesson from a play


It was just one thing

Rider Insider

Rider Insider

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